Powerful Tools for Better Grades.

We've got you covered for homework, tests, quizzes & more…

kids who start ahead stay ahead.

Imagine if you had clear, easy & fun tools to make school even more engaging for your kids. Our children’s books and websites give you everything you need to start strong, and our products advance as they do. From kindergarten through their last year of high school, our guides will help them get ahead—and stay ahead—every step of the way.

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We Help You Help Your Kids.

Do your kids need help in certain subjects, but you’ve long forgotten the lessons? No worries. We’ve designed our guides to help you quickly refresh your skills, too. That way you can help them ace every homework assignment & test that comes their way.

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Save Tons of Time.

Between band practice, soccer, baseball, and everything else… who’s got time to pour through hundreds of pages of text books to find the right answers?

Your kids will never waste another second sorting through too much information again. Our guides focus only on the important stuff: dates, equations, names, places, etc.

That way they can find the info they actually need - fast. With countless examples that teach you how to solve every kind of problem under the sun, your child will quickly be ready for every quiz or test. 

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School is Just the Beginning...


When children get better grades, they feel better. Confidence comes more easily. Goals feel like they can actually be accomplished. Life is good. And it only gets better.


Kids aren't born with a manual. That’s where our Advantage4Parents  website comes in. Get tips & advice on practically every parenting topic imaginable.


"Share the Advantage" is our giving back program that partners with organizations focused on helping young people.


Our products are marketed by college students in our sales & leadership program. When companies see this on a resume, those students quickly rise to the top.

Knock. Knock. Who’s There?

Doctors, Lawyers, Governors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs…

Yep, WE STILL make house calls.

How could we possibly know which of our products are right for you and your kids without meeting you face to face? We couldn't! That’s why the young men & women in our program visit every customer in person. They’ll hear your stories, meet your family, and see which of our products will really help you & your kids with your needs. Call it old fashioned, but sometimes the simplest ways work best.

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Want to know who’s serving your community? Enter info below to see for yourself. You’ll find a young college student looking to gain the skills they need for a bright, successful future.


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