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"Building People" for more than 160 years.

We help people get ready for whatever life throws their way.

Whether it’s a homework guide that helps a young child finally make great grades… or a program that teaches college students how to build a business, manage their time, make good money and overcome challenges… we are constantly “building people."
Here’s a brief history of how it all started…

A Growing Family

Southwestern Advantage is part of the constantly growing & evolving Southwestern Family of Companies. Many of the companies were started by alumni of Southwestern Advantage.

Our Partner Companies

Working together to build great people and companies.

Everybody Needs Friends

These organizations are close friends. In fact, we might as well call them family.

Giving Back

We believe giving is getting. Here’s one way we prove it…


"Share the Advantage" is a giving back program intended to share learning & life skills with every child and family, regardless of their circumstances through involvement with organizations focused on helping young people.

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