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For over 160 years, Southwestern Advantage has served millions of families with educational resources for the home. 
Our comprehensive learning system is kid approved - growing with the child from preschool to college prep. Parent preferred- enjoyed by families in public, private and homeschool learning. Teacher recommended - specifically designed by a national board of top educators to be a reliable resource for your family's educational needs.

Why Families Choose Southwestern Advantage


We offer the only learning system that addresses the 'whole child' through interactive apps, websites, and books that provide comprehensive academic learning, as well as life and leadership skills using an interactive approach. Southwestern Advantage is your home for today's education.


About the Southwestern Advantage Learning System

The websites, apps, and books work as a team! 

Together they maximize what each medium has to offer. 

Here's a brief look at our learning system from preschool to pre-college!



Skwids helps kick-start learning for kids in preschool to grade 2 through fun activities that spark an early interest in subjects such as science, social studies, math, and language arts! Our content goes beyond academics and includes fun, animated cartoons that teach about patience, persistence, taking turns, following directions, and even how to be smart about money!

Includes access to:

- Quizzes

- Videos

- Games

- Coloring Pages

- COOPTOONSTM (Life and Leadership Skills)

- MOVE, MUNCH & MAKE series

- App Available in the App Store

- Augmented Reality Learning (Works with the covers of the Ask Me Books)


Developed by learning experts, Homer is the proven Learn-to-Read program for children ages 2-8. Homer creates personalized reading plans tailored to your child's reading level, age, and interests to teach them how to read step-by-step.

Features include:

- Phonics

- Sight Words

- Read-Aloud Voice Recording

- Songs

- Activities

- App Available in the App Store





Advantage4Kids is designed to help kids master the critical math and reading skills required in grades 2-6. Students learn math and reading concepts through relatable, story-based videos created by nationally-acclaimed teachers, who show not only the "hows" but also explain the "whys." Multi-level games, quizzes, National Geographic eBooks, and interactive glossaries also provide exceptional practice that is both smart and fun! Advantage4Kids also features a DO YOUR BESTTM life and leadership series as well as a unique math learning journey.

Features include:

- Games, Videos, Quizzes

- Over 100 National Geographic Kids eBooks

- Interactive Glossary and Flashcards

- DO YOUR BESTTM Life and Leadership Series

- App Available in the App Store




Thousands of instructional videos, quizzes, worksheets, and articles provide comprehensive learning and practice in all core and required subjects for grades 6-12.

Features include:

- 1000s of Instructional Videos and Quizzes

- Comprehensive Practice Worksheets

- Summer Back-to-School Success Prep

- App Available in the App Store


Provides expert life and leadership advice to teens about friends and family, money, health, college and success.

Features include:

- Videos 

- Articles

- Quizzes



Advantage4Parents is an education-based resource for all stages of parenting, from babies to college-bound students, with inspiring expert advice for raising healthy families.

Features include:

- Articles

- Videos

- Podcasts

- Finance Advice from Dave Ramsey


My Set

The My Set consists of two sets of books that supercharge vocabulary development and build a strong foundation for reading success. They include the four-volume set of My Books and the two-volume set of My Fun With Words. 


My Books


Your little ones will learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and words in this vibrant and informative four-book series. Create memories together as your child discovers and expands word knowledge about the world around them, in both Spanish and English. There's even a parent-friendly section located in the back of each book that includes expert word-building tips and activities.

Features include:

- 4-Volume Set

- Parent-Friendly Section

- Spanish Pronunciation

See Sample Pages 

My Fun With Words


The My Fun With Words books are vocabulary-building picture dictionaries, designed for young children through 2nd grade. This two-volume set features over 1,200 humorously illustrated words, including sight words, multiple-meaning words, spelling support, and specialized vocabulary for all school subjects. Research proves that vocabulary knowledge is the number one predictor of reading success, making My Fun With Words a "must have" for families.

Features include:

- 2-volume set

- Over 1,200 words with definitions written so a child can understand its meaning

- Humorous illustrations that make vocabulary fun and easy to remember

See Sample Pages

Ask Me Set

AskMe_13-set-1-6-flat_rev (1) (1)

AskMe_13-set-7-12-flat_rev (2) (3)


Kids ask a lot of questions! Within the Ask Me book pages, your child can explore outer space, learn about reptiles and mammals, and discover fascinating facts about other cultures. Designed for kids in grades 2-5, the Ask Me Sets feed kids' curiousity about the world around them. Fun facts, a find-it-fast index and easy-to-understand information on required school topics makes the Ask Me Sets ideal for both pleasure reading and school writing assignments.

Features include:

- Two sets of 7 books -14 total books

- Each set includes an interactive static sticker book

- Reading comprehension activites

- Visually appealing illustrations

- Use the Skwids app to experience augmented reality features on the Ask Me book covers

        See Sample Pages


Explore & Learn Set


This six-volume series of "how and why" books for grades 5 and up helps naturally curious students in this age group discover more about the world around them through hands-on projects, short stories, and activities. Topics spanning nature, science, geography, history, social studies, and language arts make the Explore & Learn Set perfect for school writing assignments, presentations, and science fair experiements.

Features include:

- 6-volume set for grades 5-8

- Posters of the human body, a world atlas, and glow-in-the-dark constellations!

- Science projects

- Cross-reference index

See Sample Pages

Advantage Volume Library


This six-volume set features four books with comprehensive instruction for grades 6-12 for all required and college-bound math, science, social studies, and language arts subject matter. A fifth volume - Honors Advantage - provides comprehensive strategies and practice exams for the 10 most popular Advanced Placement courses in partnership with McGraw-Hill's highly respected 5 Steps to a 5 AP instruction. The sixth volume - Topic Source - features the top 95 most commonly assigned writing topics and research writing instruction for grades 4-12.

- 6-volume set: Math I, Math II, Social Studies & Language Arts, Science, Honors Advantage, and Topic Source

Breakdown of the Advantage Book Set:

Math I & II

Math I and Math II of the Advantage Volume Library comprehensively address every math topic and concept for all required and advanced math courses in 6th-12th grade. In addition to ready-reference charts explaining properties, formulas, theorems, proofs, and functions, thousands of example problems with step-by-step instructions help students practice the concepts behind every math problem. Math instruction has changed dramatically over the past decade, so Advantage Math includes examples of various different math instruction methods as well. Companion tutorial videos, quizzes, and worksheets for the content in these books is also available on the Advantage4Teens site.

 - Topics include: Foundations of Math, Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, and Calculus


The Science volume comprehensively addresses all required and advanced science courses in grades 6-12. Detailed articles with helpful charts, tables, and diagrams show and explain all standards-based science concepts.

- Topics include: Space Science, Earth Science, Ecology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Social Studies/Language Arts

The Social Studies/Language Arts volume addresses all required and college-bound topics for grades 6-12. Detailed articles, timelines, primary sources, and helpful charts and diagrams show and explain all standards-based social studies and language-arts concepts.

- Social Studies topics include: United States History, Canadian History, Government, Economics, World History, and Geography

- Language Arts topics include: Grammar, Writing and Research, Vocabulary, Reading, Speaking Skills, Literature and Shakespeare

Honors Advantage

The Honors Advantage volume is composed of sample passages, problems, and expert strategies to prepare students for scoring a 5 out of 5 on the AP exam in 10 different subjects. Instruction is provided by experts who have scored AP exam results for the College Board.

- Subjects include: English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition US History, Calculus AB, US Government and Politics, Biology, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Psychology, and Statistics

Topic Source

Topic Source is a valuable report-writing resource for students in late elementary through high school. Topic Source gathers the most important information for writing assignments and summarizes them to make report writing easier. Also included for each topic is MLA citation of sources, required for today's nonfiction writing assignments.

- Includes 95 nonfiction topics that are covered in expert detail

- Provides proper citation for sources

- Offers additional related website sources for further information

See Sample Pages

College Entrance Advantage

CollegeEntAdv-2016 (1)

Looking for a tried-and-true resource to help your college-bound student get into the college or university of their choice? Look no further! College Entrance Advantage (CEA) is created in partnership with The Princeton Review - the most highly respected company in the college test-prep market. CEA has helped millions of students prepare for the SAT and ACT exams in order to get into the best colleges and universities. 


  • Our program harnesses the power of The Princeton Review, a study course proven to help 4 out of 5 students get into their top-choice school.
  • Thanks to The Princeton Review, students scored on average 190 points higher than non-Princeton Review students on the SAT.
  • Includes 3 full-length practice tests, a comprehensive practice manual with proven strategies for solving problems similar to those found on the actual SAT and ACT, and over 50 hours of exclusive webportal access to The Princeton Review's coaching library of video strategies for ACT and SAT, recommended college admissions insights, and financial planning advice.

Family Bible Library


An 8-book series created to support families in helping their kids on their journey with Christ. The series breaks down the 36 building blocks of character that come to life through the stories of the Bible. Each book has 30 Bible stories, in language that is easy for kids to understand and is suitable for every religion that has Christ at its center.


- Accessible language for all Christ-centered religions

- Family daily devotionals

- Biblically-based parenting guide