There’s money to be made in our program. The question is, are you up to the challenge?

Calling all self-motivated individuals who thrive off of challenge.

How much you make lies squarely on your shoulders.

In our program, you call the shots.

You’re your own boss. You decide how hard you’ll work. How many hours a day you’ll work. How quickly you’ll work. It’s all up to you. So if you’re a self-motivated individual who seeks challenges… You’re in good company.

In fact, you might have more fun and learn more in a single summer than you have in your entire life. It happens all the time - every summer. The young men and women who take the challenge and work the hardest make the most. It’s as simple as that.

So how much will you make?

How hard will you work? What will you do when challenges arise? What will you bring to the table? It’s all on your shoulders. If that gets your adrenaline going - you’re going to love what’s ahead.

Features Include

  • You have the potential to make very good money. Many students who work hard, follow their training, and persist in the face of challenges make $10k - $20k in a single summer.
  • Get powerful training in sales, marketing and customer relations. These skills will make your resume shine in a sea of inexperienced candidates. 
  • Find camaraderie amongst other young guys and gals who are working their buns off just as hard as you are.
  • Change lives for the better with the powerful educational resources you’ll be selling.
  • And more! Explore the other pages about this program and learn about the experience, adventure and transformation that’s waiting for you.