Help Others

The products you’ll sell in our program will change the lives of the people you sell them to.
It happens all the time.

Change lives.

Right now, there are kids out there who need our products. Will you be the one who brings it to them?

Powerful Tools

Our homework & study guide products help kids in many ways. Some kids struggle to learn the material in class. As a result, they do poorly on homework, tests & quizzes. Other kids are up to their ears in extracurricular activities, and don’t have hours and hours to finish assignments.

For the kids who have trouble grasping concepts, our products break down exactly what they need to know… in a clear, approachable way. They’re finally able to understand what they couldn't in class. And for the busy kids, we give them the “teachers' notes” they need to finish homework fast. No more wasting hours of their lives sifting through hundreds of pages of text books.

But at the end of the day...

It’s the gratitude in the parents’ eyes that makes it all worthwhile. Some people will be in tears when they realize how powerful your products are for their children. Others will simply smile big and give you a warm hug. It feels good to lend a helping hand.

Features Include

  • Provide families with the tools they need to help their younger children with homework, tests & quizzes.
  • Give families with older kids powerful resources for truly excelling in school.
  • Help kids feel more confident. When kids make good grades, and understand their assignments, they feel better. Many feel excited about school for the first time.
  • Other products help high schoolers excel in college placement tests. It feels good knowing that you helped them achieve higher scores than they would on their own. As a result, they could get accepted into a better school.
  • And more! Explore the other pages about this program and learn about the experience, adventure and transformation that’s waiting for you.