If you want to test your limits and see what you’re made of, read on.

You’re exactly who we’re looking for.

What will you bring to the table?

You’re capable of so much more than you realize. Our program provides you with the exact challenges you need to realize it.

It ain't easy!

You’ll work long hours. Face rejection. Wake up early. Go to sleep late. Learn a completely foreign environment. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But if you’re up to the challenge—and you face it head on—something will start to happen...

Suddenly hardships and adversity will fuel you. They’ll drive you to success even harder. Obstacles that might initially hinder you become easy - and the whole program becomes a fun competition. In fact, many say it’s the most fun they've had in their entire lives.

And when you walk away from it...

You’ll suddenly see how easy and simple the obstacles of your daily life are. In fact, they’ll seem like a piece of cake. You’ll have what it takes to conquer them, and become so much more. You’ll have what it takes to finally reach your dreams.

Features Include

  • Test your limits. See what you’re made of. And then surpass those limits to become so much more.
  • Overcome challenges and learn how to turn them in your favor.
  • Break through fears and beliefs that are holding you back, so you can reach your full potential.
  • Have tons of fun! Overcoming adversity is some of the funnest, most fulfilling work you’ll ever do.
  • And more! Explore the other pages about this program and learn about the experience, adventure and transformation that’s waiting for you.

Mr. Mediocrity



Small arms. Small legs. Enormous mouth. This character known as Mr. Mediocrity, likes to sit on your left shoulder and speak words of demotivational “wisdom” into your ear at opportune moments when you are discouraged or frustrated. At Southwestern Advantage we’ll show you how to ignore these messages of self-doubt that will derail your dreams and goals. Build your “imMunity!”

There is something amazingly contrary about the college/university environment: it can stimulate the highest of human instincts, creativity, and intelligence and it can also breed some of the worst and most debilitating habits and behaviors. No one is immune from Mr. M! He will sink his cavity-ridden fangs into the best of us unless we put the right safeguards in place.  


  • Schedule. If your schedule is already predetermined, then you have a better chance of accomplishing your goals.
  • Action cures fear! Action trumps procrastination. You know there is something you need to get done and you have been putting it off. Do it TODAY. Don’t wait another day - get it done, and you will feel great.
  • Service Minded Attitude. Mr. M thrives on selfish thoughts. Do something beneficial for someone else.
  • Take what you do seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at yourself. Signs of self-importance are fuel for Mr. M and his destructive doubts.