You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Adventure junkie? Welcome to the club.

A new city. A new state. A new way of life. Every aspect of our program is an adventure.

Enjoy travel?

Do you want to explore cities and towns throughout the U.S. and Canada? Want to see how people live in New York, North Dakota, Colorado and more? Want to get away from the surroundings of your day-to-day life and see what else is out there?

You’ll experience all of this and more in our program. You’ll travel all over the country. You’ll make close friends with other young men and women who are going through the same challenges and joys that you are.

You’ll get adventure, alright.

In fact, at the end of our program, you just might want a break from adventure. Hard to believe? Join Southwestern Advantage and see for yourself.

Features Include

  • Travel throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Learn new skills that will help you get ahead in life after college. 
  • Get to know an awesome group of young men and women who are experiencing everything you are, right alongside you.
  • See how people live in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada that you've probably never even heard of.
  • And more! Explore the other pages about this program and learn about the experience, adventure and transformation that’s waiting for you.