Share The Advantage

Every time you buy Southwestern Advantage, you share it with others in need.

Lots of kids need our products, but can’t afford them. Here’s how you can help.

Every drop fills the bucket.

Here’s the thing:

There are lots of bright young kids out there, full of potential, who just need the right education. While we stand behind our products, we understand that they’re not priced for everyone.

That’s why we started the Share the Advantage program. Every time a family purchases one of our subscriptions for their kids, we donate a subscription to a child in need.

That way, as you help your own family, you’re also helping others.

As you help your own kids save time, build character, and make better grades - you’re helping other kids do the same. Feels good, doesn't it?

Features Include

  • Share the Advantage makes it possible for us to help kids in low-income families.
  • For every subscription purchased, we donate a subscription to a family in need.
  • Feel good knowing that you’re making a difference - just by purchasing our products.
  • There are other ways to Share the Advantage, too. Check out Share the Advantage for more info.