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Southwestern Advantage Scholarship



  •    $500 scholarship for a continuous 5 year subscription
  •    $1,000 scholarship for a continuous 10 year subscription
  •    The $1,000 is cumulative, not on top of the 5 year scholarship
  •    Eligibility for the additional $500 starts in years 6-10
  •    Only one scholarship paid per subscription (household)
  •    A transcript providing proof of attendance will be required to claim the scholarship.
  •    Applies to news subscribers beginning in summer 2015


Looking to leverage your educational investment

into bucks for college?


Who wouldn’t want free money to help offset the rising cost of a good college education? Well, we have what you are looking for! Introducing the Southwestern Advantage Scholarship! Here’s two ways a family can qualify:


         A $500 scholarship can be earned for a continuous five-year subscription to the Southwestern Advantage websites.




        You can double that amount by earning a $1,000 scholarship for a continuous 10-year subscription.


Getting help for college tuition has never been so easy!


** One scholarship per household (paid subscription). Each level must be a continuous subscription beginning not before the summer of 2015. A transcript providing proof of attendance will be required to claim scholarship. 



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It’s like having a live-in tutor on your bookshelf & home computer.

This collection of homework & test references covers every subject of school, helping kids get work done faster, and make better grades.

When we say “every subject”...

We mean it. These printed and online resources cover animals, history, people, places, science, wars, biology, chemistry, earth science, ecology, physics, space science, history, government, economics, geography, grammar, writing, literature, foundations of math, numbers & operations, geometry, algebra, statistics, and more.

The Southwestern Advantage learning system contains only the “meaty” stuff that your kids need to know for homework and tests. No more sifting through hundreds of pages of text books or thousands of websites, only to find a mountain of information that isn't even covered. Now your kids will have access to answers - within seconds.

And for math? It gets even better...

Every math section contains a full spectrum of examples, from very easy to very difficult. The result: nothing your child’s teacher puts on a test will ever catch him by surprise. Your child will be prepared for whatever problems the teacher throws their way.

Features Include

  • A full set of printed reference books covers every subject your kids will ever encounter, all the way through 12th grade.
  • Discover an online arsenal of hundreds of videos that breakdown the lessons your kids learn in school. Only now they can pause, rewind, and play them as many times as they need.
  • Multiple examples of math problems—ranging from very easy to very hard—insures that your child will fully grasp every new lesson.
  • Clear, approachable language makes learning quick and easy.
  • And more!

Discover the Southwestern Advantage Learning System

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